Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 09.01.11

1. This is me
I never have time to get behind the camera and last time I did a photo shoot of myself, well it was down right scary!!! Every wrinkle, pimple and grey hair showed up. So this time I’m hiding behind the camera in B&W so you can’t tell the difference between those grey hairs and my brown hair ;) 

09.01.11 This is me

2. Resolutions
This is my Big List of 2011 – Art Journalled & utilising fabric selvedges from a recent quilting project in the hopes I get to do a lot of both creative endeavours through the year!

09.01.11 Resolutions

3. Treasured
This is my most treasured item EVER! A vintage tin that belonged to my late Nanny, gifted to me about a year before she passed away. It was her greatest treasure evidenced by the way she handled it sitting on her bed, showing me the contents… letters during WWII, special photos and report cards from primary school amongst it’s many contents.
09.01.11 Treasured

4. Innocence
This is my baby girl ~ such innocence in those eyes! Don’t let that fool you though :) Just kidding!

09.01.11 Innocence


5. Primitive
This word had me stumped for sometime. As our resident Lizards (the closest animal I could think to the dinosour) have gone AWOL with all the rain… I wasn’t sure what else was primitive enough, but I think sunsets probably haven’t evolved much since primitive times! 
09.01.11 Primitive



jillconyers said...

Wonderful interpretations for this week's themes. Love your "big list" of creative endeavors.

Dorothy said...

Your Primitive shot shows you were thinking "outside the box"! Love the shot of your precious little girl! But my favorite is Treasured! Love old stuff like that.

Style Attic said...

Love your treasured photo! The primitive, I wanted to capture all week. When we drop my 1st son off at school, by the time I race home and grab the camera, the sunrise is complete and I don't get the gorgeous colors and shadows. Thanks for doing it for me!

Ashley Sisk said...

What great shots for the prompts - I love your resolution shot...that was very cool. And your treasured photo - how sweet...I love looking back through my grandparents' old photos. Have a great week.

SarahinSC said...

I feel the same as you about the ME shot! I'll be happy to take a B&W from afar, but a close-up, nah! Neat shots!

Seizing My Day said...

love the old tin box with treasures inside!! =) and the innocent eyes of your little one... precious shot!! =) Have a great week!

love and life ♥ said...

Love your interpretations of this weeks Challenge! Great photos!

Teagan said...

I haven't seen anything being described as "art journaled" before - it sounds really cool!