Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 30.01.11

Sunday again! I admit these shots were taken QUICKLY! Hopefully I will be into the swing of things again next week and can get creative once more… but for now – enjoy some (near enough*) SOOC photography!

* I say near enough, as most have only had either text or a slight colour enhancement (except for the seventies photo… that had a few different actions!)


1. Texture
A Glass vase received as a wedding present ~ I adore the texture and colour!

30.01.11 Texture


2. Fog
One from the archives… (there has been NO fog here of late) this was taken in 2009 (?) when a dust fog covered the city (we are an hour north of the city and it was this bad up here!) This photo was taken at 1pm just as it was moving in, very eery! 

30.01.11 Fog


3. Button
More play with my lensbaby + macro! I’ve had this button for ages I *think* it is a Polyclarific creation (I love her stuff!) I especially love all the bright squiggly little lines in it!

30.01.11 Button


4. Beverage (drink)
Unfortunately there has been no fun drinks to be had here of late. Even beer is a distant memory… the homer beer glasses are still getting a work out though, just filled with orange juice instead! And no… no vodka either!!!

30.01.11 Beverage


5. Seventies
Not strictly 70’s but I do remember these pair growing up in the very early 80’s! These are my vintage toys (purchased in 2005?) but with an old photo action to help them look the part of the 70’s!!!

30.01.11 Seventies


EB Project 52 ~ Week 5

I’m getting in early this week as the weeks run from Saturday to Saturday and by the time I post each Saturday I miss out on feedback, so hopefully by putting up photos at the beginning of the week, I will have more feedback and it gives me some leeway if I get behind later in the year ;)

Week 05 - Buddy

Friends & Family by 50mm

The Sleeping Dog (note: he is family, hence will feature quite heavily in this meme!)

{365} 30

PAD 30.01.11 Composting

I have the kitchen scrap bin, I also have the big compost bin (in pieces ready to assemble…) now to find the time and energy to actually start! Perhaps a goal for February?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

EB Weekly Challenge ~ 31.01.11


31.01.11 Macro Grasshopper

Word: Macro

Macro photography is close-up photography of usually very small subjects. The classical definition is that the image projected on the "film plane" (i.e., film or a digital sensor) is close to the same size as the subject.

I am currently saving up for a u-beaut macro lens as I am constantly taking photos of flowers etc, so when this word came up it was a great excuse to play with my new lensbaby with the 10x macro lens cap. I had to take about 10 photos & I was so unsteady on my feet (from the operation + could not bend over far) so coupled with having to manually focus the lensbaby, hold it in place, keep my balance and snap this little critter before it decided to jump on me… I was impressed I managed this shot (SOOC!) Cute as he is… these are the buggers that destroyed my vegetable garden!

EB Project 52 ~ Week 4

Week 04 - Mum & Dad

This is my mum and dad (SOOC) I LOVE this lens and I love this photo! Hope they like it too!!!

{365} 29


PAD 29.01.11 Garden

Vegetable Garden number 1… too much water :(

I will be starting again in a few weeks time!

{365} 28

PAD 28.01.11 Tomatoes

Playing with my new Muse Lensbaby…. none to steady on my feet, hence a little more blurred on the edges than it should be! These are the last of Vegetable Garden number 1…

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{365} 27

PAD 27.01.11 Home

A little sewing… while at home! 

{365} 26

Australia Day!

PAD 26.01.11 Aust Day

This is what I would have liked to be doing yesterday! But I can’t go swimming for 2 weeks :( funny, this is exactly what I was doing LAST Australia Day too :( maybe next Australia Day will see me flashing my (now many) scars!!!

{365} 25

PAD 25.01.11 Charmed

A day of recovery and endless episodes of Charmed to keep me amused!

{365} 24

PAD 24.01.11 Hospital

Preparing for hospital admission, a small surgical procedure that had me waiting 3.5 hours to go in, 1 hour for surgery & nearly 4 hours in recovery (I was doing really well until my discharge when I nearly passed out and ended up back in recovery on oxygen ;) Nothing a can of lemonade couldn’t fix and a good opportunity to  catch up on some reading! 300 pages down – 700 to go… eek!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

EB Weekly Challenge ~ 24.01.11

24.01.11 Light Trails

Word: Light Trails
Waiting for a clear night. Waiting for the Moon to rise above the trees. Trying not to fall asleep well past my bedtime… In the end, I took this with the moon still behind the trees ;) Not my best, but the best I could manage this week.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 23.01.11

Another week – another 5 words to find and interpret! I struggled with a couple of these and I am not 100% happy with each of them, but that is the beauty of learning and playing and capturing!

1. Memories
All of my memories recorded in daily Journaling. Eleven completed books (give or take a hundred pages for a very slack year in 2010) I purchased my first journal in 1998, it took me nearly 6 years to complete, but once completed it’s taken me next to no time to finish the next 10! I very rarely use pictures (this page is a rarity) so these books are filled with handwritten words.

23.01.11 Memories


2. Silhouette
This weeks word for the EB Challenge was Light Trails, so I was outside at 10:30pm last night waiting for the moon to rise above our back trees. This is a shot I got while I was waiting (excuse the blur – I was attempting light trails freehand!)

23.01.11 Silhouette


3. Doorway
This one had me stumped and I’m not happy with the photo. This is our front doorway… I am sort of wishing I had time to traipse into the city to get some architectural shots… oh well – maybe next time it comes up, for now… a little piece of my home!

23.01.11 Doorway


4. Reflection
Now this is a favourite! I started thinking I would do another dodgy self portrait in the mirror, however yesterday while sitting out the back I noticed my reflection in these huge Witchery sunglasses I received FREE from a magazine. I started by trying to take my reflection, but then noticed the cool cloudy sky in the background and tried focusing on that instead… didn’t realise how tricky it was to get a clear shot in a reflection ;)

22.01.11 Reflection


5. Silver
I don’t own much jewellery, my favourite pieces including this silver bracelet live in a little teacup and saucer from my late nans’ collection!

23.01.11 Silver

If you are swinging by, stop & say Hi!
I am spending some time resting up this week
there will be many hours on my iPad,
so will be on the lookout for new blogs to seek!

{365} 23

PAD 23.01.11

Sunday Morning ~ breakfast on the (icky brown) waterfront, a quick swing before heading  home for a day of rest & relaxation.
I’ll be out of action this coming week ~ so don’t panic if you don’t see my daily photos until toward the weeks’ end!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

EB Project 52 ~ Week 3

Week 03 - Toddlers

It’s black and white for toddlers… no shades of grey.
One moment sheer delirium
Next sobbing into her hands

& yes that would be a smile beneath, she was showing me how it was done!

Oh to be 3 again!

{365} 22


PAD 22.01.11 Wool

  • Pretty balls of wool
  • A new hook
  • Zarrafas’ Cappucino
  • Meet me at Mikes’ Hexagon Pattern
  • Beautiful Afternoon

Equals my favourite type of day!

Friday, January 21, 2011

{365} 21

PAD 21.01.11 Coffee

A little gift from my mum the other day… my coffee machine broke this morning – so I am thinking these satchets will come in handy over the coming days!!!

{365} 20

PAD 20.01.11 tea

After a long day… nothing beats a cup of bushells (& some chocolate) relaxing, crafting, watching TV. We’ve had these cups for probably 10 years, his and hers (yes mine is the pink one!) and they are still going strong!

If we mix up the tea (ie put sugar in wrong cup) it fills wrong to drink from the others cup and we do not EVER use them for daytime use… it just feels wrong!

Do you have any quirky habits like this?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lensbaby Play

With my new lens, I have taken some time out to play around with it and it is such fun!

Last night – straight out of the box, I had to practice on the sleeping dog ;) while I won’t show you the facial shots… (he sleeps with his eyes open a slit & looks pure evil… all red eyed evil!) I love his paws though!

Buddy Paw

I think this plant is a capsicum plant – extra left over from my vege garden and having been flooded last week, I didn’t think it would survive, but it seems my green thumbs are blooming – a little flower has bloomed! While I tried focusing on the flower… it seems I may need MORE practice as I got the leaf instead! Whoops!

Capsicum flower

This new lens is going to be FUN! and best part is no editing required :)

{365} 19

PAD 19.01.11 lensbaby macro

Some playing with my new Lensbaby today! This is with the 10x macro lens on! I can see lots of playing in the weeks to come :)

{365} 18

PAD 18.01.11 Lensbaby

Excitement overdrive in this household tonight! My new lensbaby arrived from Amazon with it the macro lens kit & a new case!!! Woohoo!

{365} 17


PAD 17.01.11 Daycare

The Monday Morning Madness… it’s a rush to get us both out the door by 7:30, toddler going to daycare requires more “beauty” work than her mummy… there’s is no time for mummy makeup in this household!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 16.01.11

I honestly didn't think I would make the scavenger hunt this week due to the horror week of floods in our state of Queensland. I also contemplated whether continuing to post pictures of our life which may seem idyllic to some when others have lost everything was appropriate? I have come to the conclusion that when tragedy does occur, it's a reminder that life is short but it does and will go on and we need to seek out those moments in life that make us happy, because all too soon it could be gone forever.

1. A different View
Fun times on the slippery dip, this one nearly made it as my 'looking up' shot, but seeing how most of my shots are taken looking down (I'm so tall ;) I thought this was more appropriate as a different view ;) 
16.01.11 A different View


2. Looking Up
Crouching under the 1.5M tall cycad looking up with the afternoon sun shining through the fronds.
16.01.11 Looking Up


3. Abstract
A spot of Art Journalling with no real direction, just something light needed to pass a quiet afternoon.
16.01.11 Abstract


4. Hair
She is only 3.5 and already her hair is a handful... to make matters worse she wants to wear it down EVERY day and does not like having it brushed or washed!!! Tangled???
16.01.11 Hair


5. Half
These have been working overtime this week, with the current shortage of bread in Queensland I've never been so grateful for knowing how to make my own bread. Where is that half cup?
16.01.11 Half

{365} 16


PAD 16.01.11 New Life


The vegetable garden maybe a complete and utter washout & most of the vegetables are looking a lot worse for wear, I was surprised to see this rose blooming from the little rose bush I relocated prior to Christmas.

{365} 15

PAD 15.01.11 Summer


Looking for some brightness in the world, the sun is shining down on Qld again & with this heat, the pool is looking very inviting today!

Friday, January 14, 2011

{365} 14

PAD 14.01.11 Hydrangeas

After nearly thinking I'd lost my 2 beautiful hydrangea plants after the gorgeous bright flowers turned a bright green with pink tips (you can just see them in the background) I was so happy to see this colourful bloom bursting forth earlier in the week.

EB Project 52 ~ Week 2

Week 2 ~ K & B

Theme: Friends & Family through the 50mm

EB Weekly Challenge ~ 15.01.11

EB 15.01.11 Sun flare

Word: Sun flare

There hasn't been a whole lot of sun and what sun there has been has seen me madly hanging out clothes and sheets and towels to dry! So I cheated and used our energy saving lights with a cappucino cup duster (or whatever they are called ;)

{365} 13

PAD 14.01.11 Panic buying

Panic buying at it's best... lucky I have the ability to bake my own bread PLUS I had thrown a box of 4 loaves into the trolley last week - perhaps I foresaw the future and could see my husband not being able to buy a single loaf of bread - 48 hours AFTER we were cut off for a few hours... *sigh* I'm not complaining though... it's just too much to comprehend - a horror week for Qld'ers :(

{365} 12

PAD 12.01.11 Floods

Not much to say... this is along our main road 24 hours after it had subsided... one teeny tiny stretch just under a klm of water that cut us off for several hours.

We are one of the lucky ones :(

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{365} 11

Not much to say, have found myself stranded in Brisbane which is currently bracing itself for further flooding to the equivalent of the 1974 floods. It's just devastating...

Meanwhile I keep checking facebook and waiting...

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Monday, January 10, 2011

{365} 10

PAD 10.01.11 Trenches


After yesterdays torrential downpour continued overnight. DH has been out digging trenches to get the water to flow away from the house. It may look yucky, but know we are one of the lucky ones. Although I couldn’t get to work today (major roads closed due to flooding) our little backyard flood & consequent mud pit is nothing compared to friends in and around Qld faring much worse off than us. Family of friends evacuated after their town flooded for the 4th time in a month. Whole towns underwater. A town on the top of a range had a 2M wall of water rip through it earlier this afternoon – no warning, nowhere to go, cars stacked upon cars, people killed and missing. It’s absolutely devastating. 

I think it’s suffice to say that QLD has had enough of the rain :(

Sunday, January 9, 2011

{365} #09

PAD 09.01.11 Puddles
Taken with the point & shoot earlier today (cheating because the rain doesn’t stop long enough to take the big camera out!)

Here’s an example of how much rain we are getting here… it is continuous and I am OVER IT! Anyone got some flippers?


- taken at 2pm today - facing left toward our back patio… the puddles starting to fill up.



- Second photo taken at 6:30pm after more rain, facing right (standing IN the puddle on the patio, it was creeping up fast)


Needless to say we (DH) were out the back digging trenches in the dark trying to drain it! Hopefully the rain will ease off or our temporary trenches will hold up until he can put in some proper drainage!