Tuesday, December 13, 2011

LIFE in pictures...

LIFE. It seemed to carry on around me while I was left picking up the pieces and struggling to keep up with all I committed to in 2011. I always knew it was going to be a tough year. A year of change. A year of growing. A year of soul searching. I initially took on most of these photography projects, the 365, the EB Weekly challenge, Scavenger Hunt Sunday when I knew I needed a small window of creativity to keep me putting a foot forward each day. At times it seemed easier to live a life in black and white. These projects provided me with a small snippet of happiness. A small snippet of colour. A small snippet of my LIFE.


LIFE started out crazy this year. I've been in hospital twice, I have 6 new {battle} scars upon my tummy and I've spent many months trying to get myself back on track. Adjustments to how I expected my life would turn out to be, adjustments to returning to the home and becoming a housewife once more.


My creativity struggled as I tried to re-gain my confidence in areas I have never lacked before. Work commitments had encroached on my LIFE in such a way that my love of all things creative just waned. Like the flowers in my garden wilted with neglect.


My health bottomed out. My body gave up on me and it all started to break down. The health issues were fixed a great deal of money spent and yet the body decided it didn't like the new changes and broke once more. Accepting that this is LIFE and what I must endure in the years to come was difficult to reconcile with.


I have learnt to live alongside my health issues. My grief is easing. My body is balanced {for today} My sinus issues blossomed after the blooming of these glorious flowers. Even stopping by to photograph them today had me trying to stop inhaling their seductive but lethal to the sinus' scent.   


All that stuff that happened. It doesn't matter one iota. LIFE is to be lived how you choose. Accepting. Agreeing. Realising that the sun is still shining. Enjoying LIFE. Relishing those small moments.   IMG_0035

There are some beautiful colours in my life to be found, even during the dark times I managed to find colours. Sometimes I just need to remind myself to stop and smell the roses {or in this case the hibiscus… never the gardenias}


Happiness surrounds me, my home, my family {can you spot them below} my beautiful colourful LIFE - to see beyond the obvious.


And I continue on this crazy journey called LIFE. And I continue to appreciate & relish each & every moment


This blog post really has no direction. I just decided to put some words to the pictures I took today. Reflecting upon my past 12 months, I have been contemplating all that has happened this year and trying to work out where I am headed next year with my photography, life, craft and writing. I don't' want to commit to too much but I would like to continue on finding those small snippets of daily life. I just don't feel a 365 suits my needs right this moment in time. I have seen the 365 gratitude project, but not sure I have the stamina to keep up with that, but I'm thinking a weekly gratitude project. 52 weeks of 2012 - one photo of something that makes me grateful. A photo that means more to me than just a pretty picture.

I was initially going to close down this blog and concentrate on my other two since that is more where my passion lies, but I love this pretty little place and though my photos aren't always top quality, they are a great pictorial of a beautiful life. The hard. The easy. The fun. The sad. It's all part and parcel. Let me sleep on these thoughts and work out where exactly I need this little corner of the web to head in the following years.

Stay safe and Merry Christmas to you & yours.   

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 20.11.11

Linking up with Ashley Sisk for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.
1. Mainly One Colour
I am busy crocheting a cushion, this was to be my project for last weekends getaway - but the weekend got away on me before I could finish one square! I am seeing Mainly One colour way here, but stay tuned there will be more!
SHS 20.11.11 Mainly One Colour

2. Around the Home
After 9 years we have decided to start upgrading our outside areas. Some of these gardens have changed many times over the years, but each time they get overgrown and we lose interest in maintaining them (very slack of us) so we have re-designed the front gardens as well as the back patio area's and will be incorporating some huge changes this Summer! These are some progress shots from today, the front gardens have all new pebbles and will get a couple more potted plants. Eventually we have plans to re-tile the back area, add more rock gardens + gardens with yukka plants, as well as spraying the concrete a contrasting colour. Very exciting times here Around the Home!

SHS 20.11.11 Around the Home  

3. Reflection

In keeping with the theme of our backyard, here's a reflection of the back shed and trampoline. At this stage, these areas won't be getting any major changes

SHS 20.11.11 Reflection

4. Writing

In case you wanted to know what 10,000 hand-written words look like - this is it. I've been busy Writing but still have such a long way to go - I seem to have lost the oomph that is NaNoWriMo for this month... too close to Christmas for me! But hey - 10K words isn't a bad effort!!!

SHS 20.11.11 Writing
SHS 20.11.11 Water

5. Water 
Pretty self explanatory really... this pool of water is getting a major workout this weekend & summer hasn't even arrived! 

I apologise about the line spacing this week - blogger + ecto seem to be all over the shop. Bugger!!! 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 30.10.11

It's been several months since I last joined in with Ashley Sisks' Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Today we had a quiet afternoon at home and I decided to pull the camera out and take some pics. What better opportunity to join in on this weeks prompts! So without further adieu... some rusty photography to share!

1. Macro

Playing with my Lensbaby and realising how out of practice I am not using my camera daily!

SHS 30.10.11 Macro   

2. Texture

More playing with the lensbaby - actually in hindsight I should have taken the macro lens off. Lesson Learnt!

SHS 30.10.11 Texture

3. Home

These pair are my home. I feel at peace and grounded when they are near (and more than a little frazzled at times too!)

SHS 30.10.11 Home

4. Cover

I was completely stumped on the creativity of this prompt! So I chose to take a picture of the flowers that are still cover(ing) my garden bed!

SHS 30.10.11 Cover   

5. Tree

This is an old dead tree (struck by lightning) that is held up by the Banksia tree. I love the look of it's dead branches against the afternoon sun.

SHS 30.10.11 Tree  


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{365} 285 Time to Read


I told the girl I would read her a book this afternoon - I turned around to find someone else joining in on the reading session!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{365} 284 Crazy Hair Day


Today was Crazy Hair day at Daycare... the notice went up on the doors yesterday afternoon; so much for having time to prepare! Knowing how the last few dress up days went (or didn't go) I opted to just do a few plaits in the girls hair and tie them with pieces of fabric to match her new skirt. It was so much fun!!!   

Monday, October 10, 2011

{365} 283 New Threads

{365} 283 New Threads

Online shopping = 2 new outfits for my Girls. Rue is modelling the dress here! Beautiful new threads!   

{365} 282 Vintage Smurfs

{365} 282 Vintage Smurfs

After seeing the movie. Pa sent these home with my little girl. 32 vintage smurfs from my husbands collection ~ circa 1970's!!!   

{365} 281 Thunderstorm

{365} 281 Stormy morning

A sleep in on Saturday morning till after 7am. Thanks to the dark grey skies overhead. A nasty thunderstorm on it's way that didn't really eventuate for us. We must have been the only town in SE Qld that got nothing but a bit of rain and wind & grey skies! Loved the sleep in though!

{365} 280 More Bette

{365} 280 More Bette

Progress shot on the Bette Blanket - it is coming along... albeit slowly!

{365} 279 Blanket Love

{365} 279 Blanket Love

My good friends mum made me a blanket, she even crocheted my name on it - complete with a love heart on the i...

{365} 278 Headstands!

{365} 278 Headstands?

This is my daughter (left) trying to teach her BFF E (right) how to do a handstand... she is desperate for me to teach her how!!!   

{365} 277 A little Bette

{365} 277 a little Bette

Feeling under the weather was a perfect time to finish off another square of the Bette Blanket.

{365} 276 Rain Rain

{365} 276 Rain Rain

An early afternoon thunderstorm threatening, I picked her up from daycare early and while the skies were grey - the storm was a no show. So I let her stomp around outside in her gumboots, brolly and rain coat. She had a ball. Sometimes I have a hankering to buy my own pink raincoat - to match my pink gumboots of course ;)

{365} 275 Daffodil

{365} 275 Daffodil

Some cheap end of season bulbs

Wrong season for planting

Planting them regardless.

A Daffodil Blooming


{365} 274 Lazy Arvo

{365 274 Lazy Arvo

One of the girls, modelling her new crocheted dress on a lazy Saturday afternoon!

{365} 273 Racing

{365} 273 Racing

New bedspreads = cardboard = car racing! Fun times!

{365} 272 Night-time

{365} 272 Night-time

This is a pretty standard night-time in our place. Once dinner is done and cleared, everyone curls up on the couches - even the pooch!!   

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{365} 271 Birds

{365} 270 Birds

We went to the park early this morning and while we were waiting for our friends to arrive, we spent some time drinking coffee, eating cupcakes and enjoying these two gorgeous Galahs that were happily eating the grass seed just across from us.

I absolutely love these birds and would probably get one one day, apart from the whole Snake issues we have here. Perhaps I can get a big enough cage to roll him inside? Maybe?

{365} 270 Pretty Headbands

{365} 269 Dolly

I was playing about with some cut offs from a quilt I recently quilted, what I thought would make a great scarf for the girls was too short and too thick (I had a layer of batting within) not to be deterred I whacked on some wide elastic (lucky it cannot be seen under her hair as it was added AFTER I had sewed it closed) and added a crochet flower and button (flower compliments of Mother In Law!) I think it turned out so sweet! Don't you think?

{365} 268 Feet

{365} 268 Doggy

I downloaded a new camera app today, it was free and it sort of sucks when it freezes on the last image in the 'viewfinder' but it's all good - these photos look pretty cool when they do turn out and did I mention it was FREE. Practicing some different style photos on the dogs feet!

{365} 267 Scooby Dooby Doo

{365} 267 Scooby

We headed off to the Scooby Doo Concert today - it was oh so cool! Of course a stuffed Scooby had to come home with us!

{365} 266 Trees

{365} 266 Trees

A play date and a walk along the beachfront. Spying some little girls climbing trees along the way (this was my little girl )

Thursday, September 22, 2011

{365} 265 Hitting the Books


Today I am hitting the books... I have been busy pulling out all my old writing reference books that I've collected over the years & am now adding to them as I need with this new course I am doing. The new book of Quotations near the top only arrived yesterday! So I'm off to hit the books for the afternoon. Wish me luck!

PS DID YOU SEE THE DAYS - 265! Only 100 to go. I don't know what's scarier? The fact there is only 100 days to go this year or that I've managed to make it this far in the challenge???

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{365} 263 More Blythe

{365} 263 Rue

Another day, another Blythe! This time in the garden modelling some new threads!

{365} 262 Blythe

{365} 262 Ally

I'm running out of things to photograph... blatant double up from my crafty blog. Oh well. Just over 100 days to end this challenge now!

{365} 261 Another Sunset

{365} 261 Another Sunset

Another day of smokey haze, another glorious sunset! Squint hard you can see the big orange ball just under the tree line!

{365} 260 Sunset

{365} 260 Sunset

A continuous Smoky haze has blocked the sinus' making them ache, but this smoke gives off the most beautiful of sunsets! Just a shame I couldn't get a decent one through the trees, but check out the colour in the reflection in my windows!

Friday, September 16, 2011

{365} 258 Glittery Nails

{365} 258 glittery nails

$2 for 2 bottles of nail polish, fuscia and silver glitter... provides hours of fun for the toddler and her mum ;)


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{365} 257 Afternoon Tea

{365} 257 Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea today was a $2 coffee from the 7/11 followed by some home-made passionfruit slice - yummy!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{365} 256 Remembering

{365} 256 Remembering

I wrote a piece for my weekly writing group today. I had to use the first paragraph of my favourite book. Hands down Diana Gabaldons' Cross Stitch is the winner. I took a photo of the book (for the writing comp) and then had to share the inside because my late Nan wrote in it for me when she gave me the book. Such sweet memories. This is now not only my favourite book, but my most treasured possession.   

Monday, September 12, 2011

{365} 255 BBQ


As the weather warms up, we are excited to be venturing outside and cooking up the meat on the BBQ. Love nights like this. Light enough for the girl to swing and ride her bike. Just warm enough to be outside still at 6pm. Though we just got in before the cold hit, half an hour after we were finished it was freezing out there! Can't wait for summer and to be doing this all the time!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

{365} 254 Jumping {show} dog



gosh I am so happy with this action shot. You see I was sitting on the back patio and convinced the kids (aka Miss 4 and Mr Dog) to play together so I could get some photo practice. Usually this is met by sighs and sighs (the dog... he is going a bit deaf in old age you know) here's the before!

Miss 4 grabbed his toy and his attention


Swung it wide, feeling a bit worried about this mum...


Swung high in the air (which for him is not so high, he has been known to jump to my shoulders before & I am quite tall!) he poises to jump


He jumps, she squeals and sends it flying to the right and he pivots and does that mad jump shown above!

While I thought I had nailed the shot of him jumping to get his toy... I missed it and got the other instead!!!