Sunday, December 26, 2010


Welcome to my little world of Photography!

I have decided some big changes are in order for 2011 & photography is one of those big changes. After having owned my D-SLR for nearly 3 years, I am finding I still churn out some pretty mediocre photos. This is one area I WANT to change for the future. I want to learn how to use my camera properly & I want to take Brilliant shots. In order to do this, I know I have to practice a lot more and use it a lot more.

I recently signed up for an online course that I am hoping to start studying for during my holidays and will be posting photos of my assignments as and when I get to them.

I am finally jumping in on some blog & forum meme's - if anything it get's me out there snapping away!

Finally - I would dearly love to pledge a 365 Project. A photo a day in 2011 - although I am good at daily blogging, I would assume in advance that this project will only take flight IF I leave the editing / blogging of said photos until the weekends.  

So this will be a special little home, just for my photography!  

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