Sunday, December 26, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 26.12.10

This is my first ever entry for Scavenger Hunt Sunday as seen here! Go easy! Unfortunately this was the last one for 2010, but if I have time – I might just post some interpretations of last weeks hunt (just because) 

1. Family
It was a miserable week here today and most of my photos are grey…. but I love this photo of my Husband blowing bubbles for my daughter – she is ready to catch them! 

261210 family

2. Motion Blur
This is my mum’s dog Koda; he NEVER sits still, so the perfect candidate for motion picture!!!

261210 motion blur


3. Pretty Package
Cheating here! One from the archives… presents have been opened and destroyed sans any decent pictures, this is the little package I sent to my EB Secret Santa

261210 Pretty Package


4. Glow
My Husband kept moving forward while I was trying to take some photos of the local Christmas lights ~ to make matters worse, it was pouring with rain and with a slow shutter speed, it made for some pretty weird shots… I was quite surprised to find this little reindeer had a magical little glow about him, regardless of the conditions! 

261210 Glow

5. Sparkle
I love how the sky & the Fairy lights on mums’ verandah create a little sparkle in this bubble!  

261210 Sparkle




Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

That bubble is my favourite shot - it's wonderful.

Barbara said...

Mine too - it's so pretty.

Ashley Sisk said...

So glad you joined - we'll have you any time! I love your motion blur shot and sparkle is incredible. Have a great week. I hope you'll join us again!

Mad Mind said...

Hands down is the motion blur for me. Of course I may be slightly biased on that. Boxers are the best dogs EVER!

On a serious note, your family shot is great!

Christine said...

Motion and sparkle are very nice!

Reading Allowed said...

I love that bubble shot, what a great picture! The Scavenger Hunt is addicting but so much fun!

Susan said...

What a great bubble shot!

soniaa said...

Love your family shot.

Style Attic said...

Very cool shot of your hubs and daughter! You should frame for sure :)

Jessica said...

Definitely, family and sparkle win for me... hands down. Very nice!

Seizing My Day said...

Love love the glow and blur pics!! ;)