Wednesday, December 29, 2010

EB Weekly Challenge 03.01.11

02.01.11 Seduction

Word: Seductive

Ok so I admit my first thought this week was Red Underwear… my second thought was no way am I going to share that look with all and sundry ;)

My third thought was a damn fine excuse to make my first batch of red velvet cupcakes ~ I think they turned out pretty darn seductive… and they taste even better!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

EB Weekly Challenge 27.12.10

27.12.10 Anticipation

Word: Anticipation 

My Dad waiting in anticipation (and awe) to see how the bubbles in a bubble he created along with my husband looked as it floated away!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 26.12.10

This is my first ever entry for Scavenger Hunt Sunday as seen here! Go easy! Unfortunately this was the last one for 2010, but if I have time – I might just post some interpretations of last weeks hunt (just because) 

1. Family
It was a miserable week here today and most of my photos are grey…. but I love this photo of my Husband blowing bubbles for my daughter – she is ready to catch them! 

261210 family

2. Motion Blur
This is my mum’s dog Koda; he NEVER sits still, so the perfect candidate for motion picture!!!

261210 motion blur


3. Pretty Package
Cheating here! One from the archives… presents have been opened and destroyed sans any decent pictures, this is the little package I sent to my EB Secret Santa

261210 Pretty Package


4. Glow
My Husband kept moving forward while I was trying to take some photos of the local Christmas lights ~ to make matters worse, it was pouring with rain and with a slow shutter speed, it made for some pretty weird shots… I was quite surprised to find this little reindeer had a magical little glow about him, regardless of the conditions! 

261210 Glow

5. Sparkle
I love how the sky & the Fairy lights on mums’ verandah create a little sparkle in this bubble!  

261210 Sparkle




Welcome to my little world of Photography!

I have decided some big changes are in order for 2011 & photography is one of those big changes. After having owned my D-SLR for nearly 3 years, I am finding I still churn out some pretty mediocre photos. This is one area I WANT to change for the future. I want to learn how to use my camera properly & I want to take Brilliant shots. In order to do this, I know I have to practice a lot more and use it a lot more.

I recently signed up for an online course that I am hoping to start studying for during my holidays and will be posting photos of my assignments as and when I get to them.

I am finally jumping in on some blog & forum meme's - if anything it get's me out there snapping away!

Finally - I would dearly love to pledge a 365 Project. A photo a day in 2011 - although I am good at daily blogging, I would assume in advance that this project will only take flight IF I leave the editing / blogging of said photos until the weekends.  

So this will be a special little home, just for my photography!